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Exories is all about sharing experiences between kids and old people. This is a Daycare service.... (in working progress)


This is Eustaquio, his needs are spending more time with his family and reviving his childhood through new experiences. Image icon IMG_0384 copy.jpg Persona
Information Booklet and IDs Image icon IMG_0398.jpg Other
Our monthly newspaper which collects all kind of stories that takes place here in Exories. Image icon IMG_0399.jpg Other
This is a timetable which would include some of the activities that take place in Exories. Image icon IMG_0395.jpg Other
We did two user journeys, one of an oldie and another one a kid. We mapped the important touchpoints of the service and the artifacts which interact with the customers. Image icon IMG_0383.jpg Customer journey
Logo Image icon IMG_0391.jpg Other