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Gorillas in the Mist

We are fearless.


We're working to help kids understand where food comes from by growing their own gardens and sharing their experiences with kids around the world.


Gorillas in the Mist by Chuck Lee, Roberto Fortunato, Juliana Loh, and Juliette Link is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at


Final kit prototype - day 3 Image icon IMG_20150301_123053.jpg Documentation of prototype
Business model draft - day 3 Image icon IMG_20150301_122745.jpg Business model
Posing with UI sketches - day 3 Image icon photo (5).JPG Other
UI sketches - day 3 Image icon IMG_20150301_110740.jpg Documentation of prototype
Sketching our UI - Day 3 Image icon IMG_20150301_112106.jpg Documentation of prototype
Homepage prototype - Day 3 Image icon IMG_20150301_113049.jpg Documentation of prototype
Tomato prototype - Day 3 Image icon IMG_20150301_110705.jpg Documentation of prototype
Team photo with our computer prototype - Day 3 Image icon IMG_20150301_105725.jpg Documentation of prototype
Storyboard! - Day 2 Image icon IMG_20150228_202922.jpg Customer journey
Storyboarding - Day 2 Image icon photo (4).JPG Customer journey
Initial Kit Prototype - Day 2 Image icon IMG_20150228_173533.jpg Documentation of prototype
Mapping out Stakeholders and Connections - Day 2 Image icon IMG_20150228_162050.jpg Stakeholder map
Working out our Service Concept - Day 2 Image icon IMG_20150228_151304.jpg Other
Voting on Ideas, with Marshmallows! - Day 2 Image icon photo 1.JPG Other
Silent Prototyping Exercise, Final Structure - Day 2 Image icon IMG_20150228_101000.jpg Other
Silent Prototyping Exercise - Day 2 Image icon SpaghettiMashmallow.jpg Other
Initial brainstorming based on theme - Day 1 Image icon IMG_20150227_194808.jpg Other