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Ethnic Escapes Meals

exotic cooking made easy


Offering a low risk, low barrier entry into cooking ethnic foods. Prepared and portioned spices reduce cost for the casual ethnic chef, who may be only cooking for one. Diced and measured veggies provide convenience and reduced prep time and real time video tutorials provide fool proof and gorgeous meals.

A healthy alternative to frozen, prepacked meals!


Ethnic Escape Meals by Jocelyen Ng, Arushi Nagar, Sophia Lee, Sunny To is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
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Insights from consumer survey Image icon Research Insight.jpg Research data
Final storyboard Image icon IMG_4529.JPG Other
Business model Image icon IMG_20150228_153157790.jpg Business model
Initial mascot Image icon IMG_4478.JPG Other
Brainstorming Day 1 Image icon Brainstroming day 1.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
Prototypes Image icon prototype.jpg Documentation of prototype
Meal prototype part 2 Image icon IMG_4501.JPG Documentation of prototype
Implementation of prototype Image icon IMG_4499.JPG Implementation plan or roadmap
Prototype of chef hat Image icon IMG_4506.JPG Documentation of prototype
Initial brainstroming Image icon IMG_20150227_194449873.jpg Insights
Prototype of Cooking Pan Image icon IMG_4505.JPG Documentation of prototype
Building prototype Image icon IMG_20150228_163105589_HDR.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
Version 2 of Pitch Script File EthnicEscapesScript.docx Pitch presentation
Questionnaire for the research Image icon IMG_20150228_155729133.jpg Research data
Prototype of instruction video Image icon IMG_4504.JPG Documentation of prototype
Prototype of Settings Image icon IMG_4495.JPG Documentation of prototype
Storyboard version 1 Image icon IMG_20150228_115216690.jpg Service blueprint
Prototype of the meals Image icon IMG_4492.JPG Documentation of prototype
Ideation Part 2 Image icon IMG_4480.JPG Other
Ideation Image icon IMG_4476.JPG Research data
initial script File EthnicEscapesScript.docx Pitch presentation
Group photo Image icon image.jpg Documentation of prototype
Research in action Image icon image.jpg Customer journey
Initial prototype pieces Image icon image.jpg Documentation of prototype
Wake up excercise Image icon IMG_20150228_115216690.jpg, Image icon IMG_20150228_100318786.jpg Other
Basic journey Image icon image.jpg Customer journey
Initial thoughts on meals without thinking Image icon image.jpg Customer journey