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take me out

elderly, events, acitivty, invitations, young, city, free time


In our service design we have focused on creating a date base that would contain all of the informations like place, data and type of activity for all kinds of eldery people. We designed our serevice in order to imporve the life of the elderly in Poland, as in our country elderly people don't tend to spend their time outdoor or in any active way. There is already a lot happening in every city for those people, however acces to it is very limited due to the lack of internet or their shyness. There is a need to design a service that would simply show them what they could do in their free time. At the first place we will inform youger people via social media about activities that are happening in their city in order to engage/invite the eldery they know in those activities. Our final aim is to be able to inform elderly people directly via txt msg as it would be the most covinient way to do so.


how it works, photo presentation PDF icon granny_how it works.pdf Documentation of prototype
persona profile, brain storming, idea description PDF icon PP1.pdf Research data