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MIND mensa

discuss stuff with fellow citizens while enjoying a delicious meal.


at MIND mensa, people can get together to eat and talk.
during the day, you can stop by to have lunch or a cup of coffee. at night, there are the MIND mensa soirées, which are themed dinner events where a special topic can be discussed.
the idea is to give people an impulse to think about topics that are relevant to their lives, such as culture, politics, history etc. these topics are presented through the tableware – plates, glasses, napkins and tablecloths bear quotes, concepts and questions about the topic concerned which ideally inspire an exchange of thoughts.
you can also go to MIND mensa on your own to meet new people (which could come handy, for example, of you're new in town and don't know anybody yet).
it is also possible to book MIND mensa for private events, e.g. a business lunch, where you can set a theme for your party which can then be discussed. however, regular customers can propose topics as well. these topics will then be advertised publicly and anyone can join in.
in case the conversation stagnates, you can fall back on the "smalltalk jokers", cards that propose topics for smalltalk in a slightly ironic manner.
MIND mensa is ideal for networking events etc.


table setting and (very) rough prototype of the facade of the mensa. Image icon DSCF1988.JPG, Image icon DSCF1989.JPG, Image icon DSCF1990.JPG Documentation of prototype
prototypes of tableware, placemats, envelopes for cutlery, glasses, take away boxes, smalltalk joker cards. Image icon DSCF1981.JPG, Image icon DSCF1980.JPG, Image icon DSCF1978.JPG, Image icon DSCF1982.JPG, Image icon DSCF1983.JPG, Image icon DSCF1984.JPG, Image icon DSCF1985.JPG, Image icon DSCF1987.JPG Documentation of prototype
MIND mensa iteration 4 PDF icon MINDmensa4.pdf Documentation of prototype
a set table at MIND mensa Image icon _DSC4684.JPG Documentation of prototype
brainstorming wall Image icon DSCF1920.JPG Other
MIND mensa iteration 2 PDF icon MINDmensa2.pdf Documentation of prototype
MIND mensa iteration one PDF icon MINDmensa1.pdf Documentation of prototype
working on the first prototype Image icon _DSC4575.JPG Other