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Get your community to know each other to facilitate sharing


Sharing is easier when you know each other. Involving the community enhances sharing. Our topic was to use surprises to increase involvement.
We designed a tool kit for (house) communities that facilitates getting in touch and helps engage your surrounding.

As a tenant, you receive a welcome package containing useful and playful elements that will help you to establish a flourishing relationship with your neighbors. Included tools: a prefilled registration form that facilitates your XXX, a first-contact-facilitator, a map showing your hood and the most important spots (food, health, public service etc.), signs to put on your post boxes that show items or skills you want to share or that you are looking for (e.g. salad for your turtle, WiFi, drill, vacuum cleaner, washing machine) and stickers that facilitate communication (wishes, needs, complaints, suggestions, common activities).

In the house, you have a black board that is used as a platform. There, you can also find a treasure box in which items that you no longer need, but that could still be used by other people, e.g. books, toys but also food when you leave for vacation.

Last but not least there is Robin, the precious of the community. Robin can be a teddy bear, a sculpture or anything else that is emotionally binding and can be passed on. Robin has a message board fixed to his belly to invite for action. After putting a message and your door number on the board, you put him in front of the door of a person you want to get in contact with and surprise him/her.

Why is HOODini good for your community? It helps to get to know each other, it makes sharing easier and bears the chance to make your house more secure. Living in a community that consists of friendships instead of strangers immensely raises your standard of living.


Final Prototype File HOODini-Final.m4v Documentation of prototype
Interacting with the prototype PDF icon Prototype III.pdf Documentation of prototype
Setting up the scene PDF icon Prototype II.pdf Documentation of prototype
Prototype I File SDJam1.m4v Documentation of prototype