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Space Innovators

Your space, your imagination


Space Innovators targets users who are:
Living under same roof and have different requirements Like hosting party at home & having colorful vibrant home and there parents visiting home so they need sober colors of wall.
Its a concept of changing your home colors, Layouts and space on click of button.
How it is related to theme?
Team felt that theme says changing 2D world which is boring to 3D which is exciting, vibrant & colorful.


Layouts is changing if you need more area for party. Family members will use foldable wall to create big space for party. Movie icon MVI_2149.MOV, Movie icon MVI_2148.MOV, Image icon IMG_2147.JPG Documentation of prototype
Persona File Persona 1.docx Persona
This is how wall colors will change when user will click on button, So if family members are in party mode they will click a button and wall colors will change to party colors and if they want sober colors another click and changes File home.mp4 Documentation of prototype
Team Space Innovators Photos Image icon IMG_2103.JPG, Image icon IMG_2033.JPG, Image icon IMG_2039.JPG, Image icon IMG_2059.JPG, Image icon IMG_2061.JPG, Image icon IMG_2084.JPG, Image icon IMG_2095.JPG, Image icon IMG_2098.JPG Other
Explaining Customer story where a middle class family is facing a problem of using there home for party and at same time there parents are visiting there home So how they can manage both the things....that's the Problem statement. File Story Boarding.mp4 Customer journey
Story Boarding File story.mp4 Customer journey