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Train of Thought

Bringing humanity into impersonal situations


People are curious about other subway riders but don't want to intrude on their lives. We are creating an opportunity for people to satisfy their curiosity, break the monotony, and interact with each other by interacting with boundary objects.


Train of Thought Pitch Presentation Movie icon IMG_2467.MOV Pitch presentation
Train of Thought Prototype Image icon 7a_IMG_1944.JPG, Image icon 8_IMG_1935.jpg, Image icon 9_IMG_1940.jpg, Image icon 10_MG_1939.JPG, Image icon 11_IMG_1941.jpg Documentation of prototype
Are you curious? Image icon 7_IMG_1942.jpg Other
Key Insights and Design Principles Image icon 6_IMG_1943.jpg Insights
Saturday Work Sessions Image icon 5_SaturdayWork.jpg Other
Synthesizing Ideas Image icon 4_SynthsizingIdeas.JPG Other
Exploring Early Themes Image icon 1_EarlyThemes.jpg, Image icon 2_EarlyThemes2.jpg, Image icon 3_EarlyThemes3.jpg Other