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What if we can make waiting at the doctor office more fun and safe for the kids and parents


The waiting rooms for the laboratory in the general hospital and at the dentist offices are usually not adjusted to impatient and scared kids, so we want to make the experience more fun and safe. We help by distracting the kids and parents attention with different props and hygene measures to make sure that the germs don't spread.


Prototype B: Fun soap Image icon tmp_1660-IMAG1041-1500527622.jpg Documentation of prototype
Collage of customer experience Image icon IMG_0728.JPG, Image icon IMG_0688.JPG Customer journey
Familiy before and after Happy Masks Image icon tmp_1660-IMAG1036595503900.jpg, Image icon tmp_1660-IMAG10371539770139.jpg, Image icon tmp_1660-IMAG1038-311527414.jpg, Image icon tmp_1660-IMAG10391741396041.jpg, Image icon tmp_1660-IMAG1040-279687644.jpg, Image icon tmp_1660-IMAG10411844729984.jpg Customer journey
Prototype of the service road map Image icon IMG_0657.JPG Documentation of prototype
Poster at the service point Image icon CAM00132.jpg Customer journey
Business model of the project Image icon IMG_0729.JPG Business model
The team process Image icon IMG_0652.JPG, Image icon IMG_0653.JPG, Image icon IMG_0654.JPG Other
Prototype of the product Image icon IMG_0656.JPG Documentation of prototype
Testing the prototype on the field Image icon CAM00116.jpg, Image icon CAM00117.jpg, Image icon CAM00120.jpg, Image icon CAM00124.jpg Insights
Team using the product while working Image icon IMG_0613.JPG Other
Lego prototype Image icon IMG_0650.JPG Documentation of prototype
Before, during, after - the customer experience Image icon image.jpg Customer journey
Ana - mother of 7 year old Image icon image.jpg Persona