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Lava Riders

Re-Designing the Airport Experience


A volcano eruption delays your flight for 10 hours. We have re-designed the Departures Lounge to include an activity room where passengers of delayed flights can spend their time creatively reading books, playing board games/video games, experiencing Human Libraries, socializing and enjoying a quite co-working space where they can work until their flight departs.


Credits for the Logo to:
- Matej De Cecco
- Jernej Zumer


Presentation PDF icon Lava Riders.pdf Pitch presentation
Interviewing people Image icon Interviewing.jpg Other
Roadmap Image icon photo.JPG Implementation plan or roadmap
Prototype 1 - Legos Image icon Prototype 1.jpg Documentation of prototype
Research Data Image icon Research data 2.jpg Research data
Personality of the user Image icon Persona.jpg Persona
Customer Journey Image icon Customer Journey.jpg Customer journey
Initial Idea Image icon Initial idea.jpg Other