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community offline youth centre. A centre that animates youngsters without using any form of technology


what if we can make kids spend less time with technology?

The problem today with kids is that they communicate only through smart devices and technology, which makes them disconnected from the real world, decreases socialization and development of social skills, avert them from communication with their parents, teachers and peers...

Talking to teenagers themselves, we realized the problem on another level. There are community / youth centers, but teenagers do not know about them and/or their activities. What we need to do is implement a great program that teenagers would appreciate and be a part of it and its development process.


Project illustration made by DOODLERS Image icon project_illustration.jpg Insights
THE OUTBOX TEAM Image icon team.jpg Other
first prototype File MVI_8913-2.mp4, File MVI_8750.mp4 Other
teenbuilding programme in youth centres Image icon 20150301_151843.jpg, Image icon 20150301_151855.jpg Budget
interviewees on street and results of research data File research.pptx Research data
Zara - frustrated mom File persona.pptx Persona
Our prototype is a empty building for teenagers to hang out and co create the working/playground space Image icon IMG_9241.JPG, Image icon IMG_9247.JPG, Image icon IMG_9237.JPG, Image icon IMG_9248.JPG, Image icon IMG_9256.JPG Documentation of prototype
Description of Zara's journey - frustrated mom Image icon IMG_9224.JPG, Image icon IMG_9218.JPG, Image icon IMG_9220.JPG Customer journey