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Non - grownups

kids co-design institutional cultural programmes


Participatory development (of kids) of programmes in cultural institutions.

We are bringing a new dimension to your future X-ibitions.

You are a museum? You are a gallerist? And you are wondering "Where did all my visitors go?"


the pitching plan and blueprint Image icon thepitchplan.jpg Service blueprint
the props Image icon theprops.jpg Other
b-model Image icon bmodel.jpg Business model
customer journey Image icon customer journey.jpg Customer journey
customer journey Image icon customer journey.jpg Customer journey
the prepitch Movie icon posnetek.MOV Implementation plan or roadmap
team work Image icon IMAG5851.jpg, Image icon IMAG5839.jpg, Image icon IMAG5814[1].jpg Other
the first prototip Image icon prototip.jpg Documentation of prototype
prototiping and customer journey Image icon choosingtheinteraction.jpg, Image icon sighningsward.jpg, Image icon theanimator.jpg, File the sighning of the sward.mp4 Customer journey
what Image icon JAM persona.jpg, Image icon JAM hipoteza.jpg, Image icon JAM problem.jpg, Image icon JAM vprasanja.jpg Other