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Bigger On The Inside

Small spaces, big thinking


A bubble for community engagement!

Our research highlights to us that people are not feeling as connected to their communities as they might like to. they don't know their neighbors and have limited spaces for connection. also a major reason they are not connecting is that they feel they need to be invited into the community and await permission and acceptance to join.

The bubble is here to fill this gap in the community


Photos of the team Package icon Photos of Other
Brainstorming Image icon IMG_0105.JPG Pitch presentation
Brainstorming Image icon IMG_0118.JPG Research data
Insights and heat maps Image icon IMG_0117.JPG Insights
Prototype and info graph of BUBBLE Image icon IMG_0330.JPG Pitch presentation
Website prototype Image icon IMG_0335.JPG Documentation of prototype
Problem definition and statements Image icon IMG_0334.JPG Pitch presentation
Stakeholder map and process Image icon IMG_0331.JPG Stakeholder map
Personas Package icon Persona
Brainstorming Image icon image.jpg Research data
Presentation on Final Day PDF icon BUBBLE PRESENTATION.pdf Pitch presentation
The bubble movie- by bigger on the inside and cardboard productions!!!! File Biggerontheinside.mp4 Documentation of prototype
ongoing work on our prototype File gsj15_2.mp4 Other