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2013 Opening theme video

on Sun, 03/03/2013 - 04:38

Enjoy the Theme Video which launched this years' Jam, made by the amazing team in Helsinki with help from Jammers around the world. This is why we Jam!

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We are rolling!

on Fri, 03/01/2013 - 13:17

3, 2, 1 Jam!

The world is starting to Jam! We have confirmed sites in more than 115 cities, with Jams of all shapes and sizes, and many cities and countries Jamming for the first time. We are expecting more than 3000 keen Jammers are lined up to change the world in 48 hours. What a feeling!

Whether you are a first time Jammer, or an old timer, you are welcome! And if you are watching from the sidelines - you are welcome too! Sit back and relax, and follow the Jam here, on Facebook or our fast-moving Twitter stream. It's going to be quite a ride!

Thanks to everyone who has worked so hard to bring us this far, and every Jammer who will join us this weekend.

You are the Jam! Now... JAM ON!

Global HQ 2013 in Bangalore!

on Sat, 02/02/2013 - 17:02

We are pleased to announce that the Global HQ of this year's Global Service Jam will be in Bangalore, India, hosted by the Bangalore Jam.

Adam and Markus write:

The Global HQ of the Jam has always been in our home town, with the wonderful Nuremberg Jammers. But the Jam is truly a global event, and we need to reflect that.  We have personally been very excited to see India catch the Jam fever - and then to see such excellent Jams in India! India has some of the planet's biggest and best Jams. There is a fantastic energy, drive and spirit of sharing which embodies the very best of the Jam way.

Bangalore exploded onto the Jam scene and took a place in the front row. It is certainly among those genuinely world class Jams where we see great results, great productivity and professionalism - while people are having a great time. Bangalore has a global reputation as a city with energy, skills and a forward-looking attitude.  We also experience our Bangalore contacts as remarkably open and cooperative. We are very excited that we will be able to visit, to see the city and Bangalore Jam for ourselves - and we can't wait to meet the Bangalore Jammers and hosts!   

Thanks to all the people from the Bangalore Jam (Neeraj, Francis, Sunhera, Aditi, Viji) and Thoughtworks (Manish, Gautham, Deepthi) for making this possible. See you in India!

Jam? Yes, you can!

on Tue, 01/22/2013 - 13:35

Thinking of hosting a Jam? Yes, we are still accepting locations!

A Jam can be as big or as small as you manage. It can be full-service, or self-orgaining. It can be a whole conference center, or your kitchen table.  All you really need is a space, some people, internet and an open attitude.

We have seen Jams put together in a few hours and - while that style is not for everyone - they rocked! So, if you're still hesistating, just get in touch. We'll help you to Jam the World!

(Pic: Istanbul Jam)

Why should I Jam?

on Sat, 01/12/2013 - 19:35

Why is it worthwhile giving up a weekend to Jam? This video from the London site of our sister event, the Global Sustainability Jam, says it all.  Thanks to Joshua Lee, the filmmaker.

Binary Data Global Sustainability Jam - London


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