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2017 Los Angeles Service Jam - Projects

Yay! Jammers here created 7 project(s)!
Mi Rollo's The Vulnerability Game
We help people follow their "rollo" (vibe) to feel alive with new realizations about themselves and others
Jam without Borders
Teaching local communities recipes and sharing stories from around the world to break down cultural barriers
Parmesan Chicken
Using technology to help you make true friendships anywhere you are.
Zenephants // The Chillax Room
Using A.I., we aim to facilitate a cultural shift by infusing mindfulness into community spaces
BNN - Bipartisan News Network
Restore your confidence in News
Improving communication during emergencies
Kronic Konflict
The Future Kidz are on the hunt for ways to resolve conflicts thru promoting empathy
Jamming in Los Angeles, United States