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Tainan Jam

Local contact information

Contact: Yun-Cheng Chen,, +886 952823202

Event information

Entrance fee: 1500 NTD

Food options: Access to food in close vicinity. Drinks and snacks provided on site.

Additional information:

'Improvisation' is broad term referring to the process of devising an atypical method of solving a problem due to lack of time or resources. In a technical context, this can mean adapting a device for some use other than that which it was designed for, or building a device from unusual components in an ad-hoc fashion. Improvisation, within the context of performing arts, is a very spontaneous performance without specific or scripted preparation. The skills of improvisation can apply to many different faculties, across all artistic, scientific, physical, cognitive, academic, and non-academic disciplines.
Musical improvisation is usually defined as the composition of music while simultaneously singing or playing an instrument. Improvisational comedy is a theatre art performed throughout the world and has had on-again, off-again status throughout history. Dance improvisation is frequently used as a choreographic tool. Choreography is also frequently used as a tool for improvisation.

Improvisation also exists outside the arts. Improvisation in engineering is to solve a problem with the tools and materials immediately at hand. Improvised weapons are often used by guerrillas, insurgents and criminals.

Full Address:
3f, no.64, Fuji Road. South Dist.
Tainan TNN 702



64, Fuji Road
South District
Tainan TNN TNN 702