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Porto Service Jam - Projects

Yay! Jammers here created 11 project(s)!
Better City
Empowering citizens, improving the city, crowd funding, social funding, app, social platform,
Mirror City
Live life at your own pace!
The world in your eye
Building bridges between culture and people of all ages
5 wise monkeys
Facilitation of the communication between people with hearing/speaking disabilities and the general community
Empowering Citizens
Smart city, citizens,emporwerd
Tech Fit Academy
Are you controlling technology or is technology controlling you?
Share, integrate, do and participate in the city
Rub the lamp
Serviço para facilitar tarefas que não acrescentam valor mas são necessário
Culture Club
Creating a collaborative culture of storytellers and curious people
Platform - Porto Intercultural Matching System
Jamming in Porto, Portugal