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Wuhan Service Jam

Local contact information


Shaohua HAN,, 0086 156 9716 9816

co-organizer:Cong CHEN, 915669919@QQ.COM, 0086 132 1278 0501

Event information

Entrance fee: none

Available tools or materials: Corrugated paper, Cameras(GOPRO+SONY NEX5R), Paper(A2+A3+A4+B5), Pens(Marker+Ballpoint), Wifi(20M), Post its(Red+Yellow+Pink+Blue), Printers, Scanner, etc.

Food options: Access to food in close vicinity. Drinks and snacks provided on site.

Additional information:

Please note:The Wuhan Service jam just accept who has been invited by Email( or Wechat(15697169816).


Wuhan University of Technology,Grayhouse Art Gallery

Luoshi Road 122
42 430079

Jamming in Wuhan, China