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Beirut Service Jam: goes to Bar Elias

Local contact information


Diala Lteif,, 00961-3-173760

Haya Farah -

Event information

Entrance fee: none

Available tools or materials: We are bringing prototyping tools and a doer's attitude

Food options: Meals provided on site.

Additional information:

For our 4th edition, Beirut Service Jam will be joining the Global Service Jam community, but with a twist. We will be hosting a special event in partnership with Sawa for Development and Aid for the Syrian community in Bar Elias.

Our event will take place on Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th of February in the community center managed by our partner in Bar Elias.

This is a small initiative that the Beirut Service Jam team wants to dedicate to the Syrian community in Lebanon, in the hopes that this experience would equip our participants with new tools that could trigger positive impact on their daily lives.


Buds of the Future - Community Center

Bar Elias
Bar Elias

Jamming in Bar Elias, Lebanon