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Helsinki Service Jam 2015 - Projects

Yay! Jammers here created 10 project(s)!
Hack-a-Home 2020
How to inspire creativity & foster communality in housing associations
Trash hamsters
Free from trash
How to have fulfill life after retirement?
Finding ways to improve/maintain quality of life for long.
Cafe Haven
Cardboard Box Crew
Reusing & finding card board boxes for online shopping
Pick organic!
Fill your basket with organic in your nearest X Hypermarket in just 15 minutes!
Families and Digitalization
An app that encourages families to stay offline!
Transferring skills from seniors to schoolchildren - and back
Kids Business Trips
Global workplace, global family life!
Ice for Eskimos - Become a salesperson of your dreams
Is an app for retail to engage and educate new staff
Jamming in Espoo, Finland