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Auckland Service Design Jam - Projects

Yay! Jammers here created 12 project(s)!
The City Sanctuary Experience
How might we create a tranquil space in a crowded urban environment
Sticky Fingers
Supporting the supporters
Bias Meter
How do know about the biases of news??
Been Jamin'
Design & problem solving workshops that bring together educators and parents
Dot dot dot jam
World domination
Decision Line
Facilitating Decision Making and Feeling Good about them
House of Jam
Making things stick sweetly...
Jam I Am
Develop your design portfolio with the help of mentors and industry professionals.
Space Jam
How might we make better use of spaces we interact with?
Angry Flash Mob
The kindness of strangers
The Unreservative Preservatives
Sustainable business, more time, more freedom, more money
Jamming in Auckland, New Zealand