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Flex Pet House

Bring your pet into your everyday life


DIY Durable and disposable pet houses mainly so,d through our web page. The house can be personalized through the website and then will be sent to the final customers for them to build.


Our business proposal envolves 3 distinctive product lines:

1) Durable pet houses.

Description: The base material will be transparent plastic, which would allow pet owners to either keep it simple and transparent so pets can see through ( e.g birds, turtles, etc., or personalize them with stickers that potentially match the colors of their decor allowing for houses to be integrated and placed in the same spots as the rest of the family.

Personalization: anything could be personalized. From the shape of the house (4 standard shapes and a customized shape), tot he size, and to the interior partitions ( double deck, ramps, wheels, stairs, etc). The name of the pet can also be printed on the front of the house, or you can upload any photo so it can be also be printed on any part of the house.

Competitive advantage of this product: light, esthetic, durable, customizable, hygienic ( we will offer special flooring that can absorb odors and bacteria of the pets).

Target consumer: middle-upper class pet owners, urban residents in apartments of small

Channels: we will start with a distribution though our own website, to move into offering them in large supermarkets, pet shops, and veterinarian clinics.

2) Disposable houses

Description: packs of 10 houses built in Kraft carton. Depending on the pet, this houses can last from 1 day to 1 week. Main uses will when traveling or when transporting your pet, or when pets are hosted by friends.

Personalization: They can be also easily customizable with stickers that can be applied to the to the walls of the house.

Competitive advantage: once again, the esthetic and personalization of the product, easily foldable and transportable, hygienic because of their disposability.

Target costumers: pet owners that travel on small breaks, hotels that allow pets and can offer the houses as an extra for their guests (we can add advertising on the walls), and pet hotels.

Channels: websites and we will study creating a dedicated sales team to offer the houses on hotels and large supermarkets.

3) Additional spaces and accessories

The spaces can be added to enlarge the original pet house or reshape it.
The accessories will add comfort for your pet and help them stay inside the house and can range amongst:
- scratch walls for cats, so they won't ruin sofas and bedding around your home
- chewable parts for dogs, preventing them from chewing clothing or anything else they might love from your wardrobe!
- swimming pools for turtles
- running wheels for Guiney pigs.
- any kind of toy you can imagine.

We hope these items will also attract collectors and will keep customers loyal to our brand and products !