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Pedrinho Shower House

Serviço de banho modular / shower and bath modular service


Projeto de casa de banhos modular.
Modular shower house project.
Brazilians have an ancient relationship with bath, its refreshing sensations and smells. A good shower renew your energies, calm you down and is a moment just for yourself.
Brazilians habit of multiple showers in the day is an indigene heritage, recalling the baths in our rivers and waterfalls.
Nowadays it's hard to keep this habit because of the time we spend away from home.
Therefore we created a service that offers moments of refreshment and energy renew.
Pedrinho shower house is an option for people who are away from home most for a long time each day and need a space to change clothes, take a shower or just renew the makeup.
Students, bikers, workers and travelers will take great advantage of this service.
Refresh yourself at Pedrinho Shower House anytime. Renew yourself.