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Your kitchen away from home


Convenience, comfort, cooking. Sometimes you have no time to go home have lunch or you have no space to invite your friends in. Coooking is a shared place you can cook with your friends, lunch, or dinner, have fun, meet people or just have a good meal.
This service was created to those who are in need of a way to cook by themselves, even when time is rushing and they are out of home.
Creating a shared space where people can cook a quick lunch is not just a way to provide structure, but create connections by food. It is known that people show themselves by what and how they cook. Co.ooking is on this connective moments, creating possibilities of interactions.
We are ready to serve people who:
- have no infra-structure or time
- are worried about their healthy or have food restrictions to watch out
- want to share their knowledge and expertise on cooking
- want just to share space, time and costs with someone
Our partners provide us structure to better serve you with:
- local food retail
- industry
- organic food
- equipment
- cooking specialists