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City Wanderer

App for tourists to see places only locals know.


Young people come to visit new places and want unique and alternative experiences. The problem is that they don't know anybody there and all the guidebooks show the same cliched monuments.
Application that can be downloaded on all mobile phones and tablets, which allows people to add interesting photos of places in their cities, which may not be widely known to tourists.
App introduces us to interesting places in the neighbourhood by showing set of photos. Choosing particular pic makes the app guide tourist in that direction. It doesn't tell him which way to take, it just shows him the direction, and by color signalizes how far he is from destination. This allows him to wander around in controlled way (in case of any problems he can select the map and see where he is).
Depending on the locations and category app suggests another places to visit.
Another function available: app features the list of special events happening in the city.
After signing up he can view the history of his trips and also contact the person who took the photo that interested him, and maybe ask for some other recomendations.