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something you abandoned,maybe they needs.


Today society,the homeless dogs and cats roam the streets which  basked in the car at night, in the morning was crushed by the car have been more and more, on the other hand, whether  the young person or middle-aged, who love animals becoming more and more, while every household waste paper, scrap can not be fully utilized, and  be discarded. So lovely people can get together, make use of their waste work together to build a love nest to stray dogs and cats in the park, the community, and so on. Meanwhile, the nest can be labeled logo which owned pet store nearby  , helping them to do branding, pet shops which can also buy the better love nest , caring people can use the money to invite the pet health posts to do some healthcare of the homeless  pets, like vaccinate homeless pets and so on.On the other hand, this activity through Network platform, attract more lovely people to join together to build more love nest for homeless dogs and cats, at the same
time,the lovely people can also make more friend which have same dream and hobby.


Team members: