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Namae Machine

Tourist card to give away and make friends!


The Namae-machine is a terminal that lets you input the personal information of your choice to have it printed out on a Namae-card (a business card format).

When you are out and about in Japan, you can use the Namae-card to introduce yourself to new friends such as people who help you in the street and friendly shopowners!!

Exchange cards and carry home a physical memory!
Maybe somehow the cards will be part of serendipiditous meetings - folding into your network!



The team is

So Sugita
Shinsuke Nakayama
Esben Groendal

Saying Hello from Hiroshima, Japan

We used music from Garp ( in our presentation. It's the great track "fifth" that gives us that upbeat spring warmth - let's go make friendsって感じ