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Charity Point

Fast and easy to use charity point with NFC chip


Here in Bosnia we have developed Charity Point in a form of e-Poster. It’s made of eink paper which can be in various shapes and as you can see have choose the shape of our Secret Theme. Backend of the poster is arduino platform with NFC module, interactive touch screen part at the bottom of the poster, and GSM module for communication with Bank system. The powering of the poster is done by solar panel. At the top of the poster it’s written the name of Charity organization with it’s logo. Below will be described charity activity; for whom money is being collected, what is the goal, how much has already been collected and what is the deadline. After swiping the card on interactive eink poster is provided a tracking code which is being used on charity organization's website in order to track charity action. The website is a social platform for donors and people in need where they can interact with each other, track the status of charity action, and set up incaso payment method. We hope you like our ideal and the prototype.

Team members: