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Future Path

Education is key - find the best school for your kid


Finding a school for your loved one should be exciting and inspiring. It is a burden and a heavy task full of ambushes.

At, we centralise and classify information about schools to help parents decide which one is the best for their kid.

We offer a full description of the schools in your city, a direct connection to them and to the AMPA to facilitate a face to face meeting.

Taking the right decision involves having the right information. We offer an advanced search engine, a forum, a rating system, a map and a video chat room for parents to interact. It is a one stop shop for making parents lives easier and ensuring a prosperous future for the next generations.

The site is multilingual to allow all communities to share the same experience equally.

Our main partners are the government, education associations and schools.

We market ourselves thru the web, general and specialised press, marketed events and thru word of mouth.

Our team is made of parents, teachers, education professionals, technical engineers, web designers and developers.

Our revenues come from social contributions, the government, the users and the schools.