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Family Heroes

reconnecting elderly/unoccuopied/pre-retired with society


---in progress still---
our service facilitates the relationship between elderly/unoccupied/pre-retired with time and skills, with other generations that can get use of it.

we achieve:
- for the family heroes: use for their skills and time, prevent "feeling useless", occupied their time, get little money on the side, contact with other generations and emotional energy.
- for the needers: get a service they need in a rather human way, get the feeling of helping others, get free services.

eventually emotional engagement between the family heroes with the needers.

you can get:
- payed services; e.g. baking a cake, child minding...
- free services: tips, remedies, recipes...
- services for companies; in those we can arrange and organize the service, and suggest to family heroes to participate, such as catering for daily basis, activities as storytelling, or knitting and many more.

we should provide:
- to our family heroes: assistance, guarantee, matching contact.

business model:
we valorated different options