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A board as an object to communicate


The lack of interaction with our environment creates a big gap between the people, creating little- fragile communities and lack of knowledge about their identity and their real potential to satisfy themselves and others.

Our main idea

Out of the necessity of creating a unified community and to show their behavior and activities inside a neighborhood scale. The solution: a board as an object to communicate the characteristics of a territory and benefits to the people as base of information and the interaction of people as customer or seller.

Our service

The method is simple, on a board located at strategic points within the city such as parks, bus stops and other meeting points, including an application for mobile devices; people can write, review information of the site, places to get or buy supplies or where to find a service. For example: a salesman could post a service on the information board to promote his shop, a cultural activity could be encouraged through this prototype, and so on. One characteristic of this product is that the information will be prioritized within the nearest places creating a conjunction with the spaces that people used to ignore activating the social activity of it and making this a livable and attractive place to hang out.