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Miti Miti

Exchange movement of tangible and intangibles as technology equipment and knowledge


Miti Miti is a exchange movement of technology equipment and knowledge to help people who want to stop consumerism and selflessness through events, a web platfform and automation of the exchange from a individual to the collective.

Today we have problems of consumerism, mass production and social ties are shortened by the misuse of technology.

People are always looking to buy the latest trends in technology, so they discard equipment that still works for brand new equipment.

And on the other hand, knowledge is limited to a group of people who can pay and access to it.

Miti Miti is a exchange movement of technological equipment and knowledge between people in an open and collaborative way.

We offer a collective humanitarian service, integrating the individual to the collective. It starts in a neighborhood and grows to a city, a country and then the world.

People have technological equipment such as cellphones, tablets, computers, laptops and endless knowledge to share, that can help others to meet their needs. Miti Miti is based on trust, collaboration, sharing and believing in people.

Miti Miti Event – Believe
Miti Miti´s event will take place in public spaces to share their technological equipment and to conduct workshops to share knowledge. With our handbook, more people can organize their own events and be part of the movement.

Miti Miti Web Plattform – Participate
In Miti Miti´s web platform, the people interested in the exchange can enter the details of technological equipment or the knowledge that they wish to exchange. The platform will share different information about the movement and publicize events in different places.

Miti Miti – Automate
Miti Miti´s dispensers are lockers where the teams will be exchanged. Through a Indentifying mechanism, persons interested in exchanging equipment can perform the exchange.