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Karma Coins

Recycle and Get Karma Coins :)



Now recycling in Bali is 'sexy' and profitable for the local communities.

The idea:

Problem #1:

Trash is a big problem in Bali.

Problem #2:

The beautiful Balinese culture that draws millions of tourists per year is a huge financial burden for every Balinese family. The elaborate ceremonies and daily offerings can cost thousands of dollars a year. Many sell land and other assets to cover the costs of their unique way of life.

The solution:

Karma Coins has been developed to address the problem of waste management and to support the culture. First, locals get an incentive to recycle by getting their trash collected FREE and gain Karma Coins that, in time can add up to a significant amount that can cover various ceremonies. The result: The beautiful Balinese culture can continue...and the island stay clean and welcoming.

Karma coins is Bali's new cultural currency.

The process:

1. Step 1: Sign up with SMS
2. Step 2: Get a Karma-kit to your house
3. Step 3: Start sorting your trash
4. Karma Coins will collect your recyclable trash plus your organic trash FREE
5. Within 24 hours you will get an SMS with the amount of Karma Coins you've collected

Collect your Karma Coins for a worthy cause, such as cremation ceremony or any other ceremony!


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