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The App to Rule all Apps


How might we create wholeness?

MiFlow helps me recognise the things I do in my daily life that really make me happy, fulfilled and really... Whole... Ya know what I mean?

The customer problem : the feeling that life is passing by and that they are not getting the most wonder & fulfilment from it.

The need : the need for personal belonging & meaning. The need to be 'reminded', gain insight - long term 'sticky' behavioural change.

Value proposition: a personalised self-reflection tool that prompts users to do Moore of the things that makes their lives meaningful.

This is in essence an App that aggregates all of the daily data that centres around YOU. It pulls out the sweet spots of your daily activity to help you recognise where you are in the world. It then adds in a layer of reflection whereby you can submit your goals and aspirations. The cross-section of your desired outputs and your daily data provides an opportunity checklist. It then follows up with you to ask if you did what you set out to do and how you felt. This continues in an ongoing cycle creating a rich ecosystem of your 'you'.

This can be used to help manage your opportunities in life; to uplift you when you're stuck and to provide a platform from which to engage with others just like you. Don't know how to solve a problem- see if you've done something similar before successfully OR reach out to others who may be able to help.

Summary : a personalised service that aggregates existing data & adds new unknown or undiscovered truths /desires to DO more of those personally meaning things.