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The Playbox by team Punchline

reconnecting parents with children through discarded cardboard boxes by activity based learning


In a time when more and more people are buying items delivered in a box online, and continually looking for new ways to entertain kids, our service will bring personalised play to kids by telling their story right out of the box.

In Australia, 5.5 million tonnes of cardboard were used between 2006-07 but only 2.5 million tonnes were recycled. Is there a better way to recycle used cardboards at the same time and maybe, let parents to connect with their children?
The playbox is a parenting toolkit by enabling parents to access an online website, where in they can personalise an experience and get instructions for building play kits made of cardboard and paper.They can also choose different topics such as math, history, plants and animals to educate their children.
Using the way of activity based learning, Parents and children can play together, follow instructions from the app, create the toys, innovate to build a story, learn from each other, and share their experiences on the website.


Audio: Happy by Pharell Williams, (2013)