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Give a Tasty Gift to a far away friend!


//Foreigner friend, lovers and relatives in distant need to give a present, want your attention, a note that they are still there!
//Buy them a tasty gift at the Bar, Restaurant or Cafe in theirs city!

//We're still working on that! ;) We'll make it a reality!

DARIA NIKULINA - developer, visualisation, actress, nice and smiling camera-girl;
MARIA VVEDENSKAYA - muse, actress, scriptwriter, the best girl ever;
NIKOLAUS KITSOUKIS - scriptwriter, actor, videomaker, visualisation, talented and nice guy;
ILARI KUKKONEN - visualisation, nice and hardworking guy;
ANTTI VIITANEN- The Voice, our dear friend, best host ever;

SABI SUORSA - our dear super energetic and positive person, dear host;
MAXIM PAVLENKO - our dear disappeared friend;
POLINA RACHEEVA - our dear super business girl;
LITA SAARVA - our dear hardworking finnish girl;
LAURA UNGEFÄHR - our dear friendly german girl;