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Just DO it!

Breaking social barriers and improving work relationships


Just DO it! is a software/app/community that aims to improve work relationships and to break personals comfort zones. One in four employees wishes to change jobs or start their own company within 3 years due to lack of satisfying work environment.
We offer short, fun and feel good actions that breaks social barriers and improve work environment. The daily App-notification will motivate and invite you to take on challenges that slowly moves you outside your personal comfort zone. In a work environment this will increase social interaction and relationships between employees, and therefore improve productivity and well-being.
The App is the motivator that reminds you to take on challenges yourself and to give challenges to your coworkers. The challenges can be documented and shared on the Challenge-community App/website.
It is unique because it makes it fun to challenge your own comfort zone in order to grow personally, and also to break social barriers.