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Give & Get

Surprise Charity


Have fun with friends at a cool place! And become a sponsor of a charity project.

Give & Get is an online service that lets you discover new fun activities, while also providing a way to support a charity project.

It's simple: just sign up, select a category of activites you're interested in, and then you get a handful of recommendations that you can give a go if you feel like to.

After you've selected what activity you want to try, you can also select from a variety of charity projects you want to sponsor - the project you select will get a slice of the payment you make for the activity you've selected.

Then all you have to do is pay with a single tap, get your coupon or ticket in an e-mail, and there you go: enjoy the selected activity with friends! Let us recommend you things to try!

When the project you sponsor gets funded, you also get a notification with the results of the project! Yay!