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P2P Lost&Found

The Peer to Peer Lost and Found Service


People loose their belongings, very often, but lost things hardly find their owners.
Wouldn't it be great if you could get back items you've lost?
At "Lost&Found", we create a platform where lost items get back to their owners and finders get rewarded.

Most Lost&Found offices work only locally which is no help if you don't know where you have lost your stuff or if you did it on the streets. If you found something, how can you find the ovner of it? And how would you motivate people to bring it to a lost and found office...?

We are currently working on a system that can connect the "looser"-s and the "finder"-s - people who lose and those who find stuff. Our idea is to put identifying stickers on our objects and prepare a platform where "finders" notify the "losers" - I found your staff, come and get it! And besides being the good guys they will get something on return.
It worth to be good, you get thanks from the lucky owner, you can get a honour badge on your facebook page and get your free set of Lost&Found tracking stickers!


Erika Albero
Fanni Csernátony
András Gőbel
Gáspár Horváth
David Ottlik