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Exchange of toy packages - for the kids - by the kids. Play different!


Toy2Toy is a project about toy-exchange between families. One family prepares a box of toys they don't need/use anymore, they send it to another family - at the same time they receive a new surprise box in exchange.

We are all full of stuff, our homes are running out of space, but we still keep on buying new and newer objects, and our kids will do the same because they grow up in this over-consuming way of life.

Toy2Toy collects unused toys, teaches kids about sharing, about empathy and a collective social behaviour. They learn about the importance of sustainability by giving away their unused objects, and in reward, they get the other family's box sent to them, with the magic of surprise, new experiences and the possibility of making new friends.

A possible extension of the service is locally connected box2box community places for the kids and their families.


András Marcell Markó
Nick and the kids