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Kokoro Box

Why to keep the good memories only to yourself when you can pass your legacy to your loved ones?


Kokoro Box is a service that offers a personalised access to all the toys of the 20th century allowing three generations of families to purchase toys, games and items of their time and offer it to their children and grandchildren as a family legacy.

This legacy creates a family reality discovery that can we can call inheritance and a great way to find and bond with stories from the past that will live through generations.

It can be purchased online and via catalogue.
This on and offline channels were selected due to the fact that our customer target are mainly families or singulars from 30 to 90 years old from savvy internet users to people how never engaged with digital services.

We want everyone to be able to purchase our services without feeling insecure or limited because Kokoro box only exists online.

Kokoro box will bring your family together, revisiting incredible generational moments that strengthen bond and create legacy.