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The Pure Madness

Sustainable FunSumption


The Pure Madness is a community of event makers and self sustainable pranksters and funsimung madmen. Our main rule is always to clean up 100% after us.

The Pure Madness is an event community for self cleaning pranksters and sustainable funsumers.

Our philosophy is that we always completely clean up after ourselves and each other, so that when we leave the surroundings of our events it will be as clean as when we found it - or even cleaner !

As a member you are guaranteed a free beer or two, snacks and a good casual beat.
In addition to our invisible parties we have until now also held 2 pillowfights and a splashy water balloon battle.

If you would like to share your madness and arrange a future event, don't hesitate to upload your proposal at The ideas that get most votes from the community will be put to mad action. If it is your idea you will get busy!

Welcome to the madness !

PS. Join our crazy invitations by sending your email to