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Work It

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The service benefits college students and corporations. Everything revolves around the principle that students are not adequately prepared to enter the market, most universities focuses on the theoretical content. Students learn about the market using real life cases.

We present the Work it. It is a simulated market that the company uses to find new talent, innovate and solve any crisis or problem in an innovative and effective way.

A company is having many problems in hiring people. Their CVs and interview results did not actually say if candidate can work in practice or not.

Throughout the course, students see subjects loaded with theory, but with no real practice.

The idea of the work it is to create a market simulation for students to actually learn to solve cases, working as close to reality as possible.

Upon the concept of using Double Diamond and Design Thinking tools, students will be Split into groups, working with “Spies”, which record the performance and skills of each of them.
Finally, we allowed students to gain experience troubleshooting innovative projects.

Work it! Changing concepts.