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Findyou Box

Come out and find a way to back to you in a new box


"Findyou Box" is a service that makes people get connected with themselves. Relatives, friends and you can be part!
It's simple:
1 - You indicates a dad, son, wife, friends...
2 - Then, you need to collect some objects that are important to the other person. You can pick up photos, letters, memories...
3 - Go to the Findyou box Head Quarter.
4 - We will separate all the things in 2 boxes (actually its a one box separated): box 1 goes to the person you indicate, the other (box 2) goes to the "Room of Boxes" - Memory Archive.
5 - The box 1 will be delivered to your relative/friend with an invitation: Come out and find the other half of your box.
6 - The person goes to "Memory Archive" to find the other half. There he will find the box 2 with another things about your own life and he will also meet people looking for themselves to.
7 - The "Memory Archive" its a meeting place for you with yourself, and you with all the people who shared their memories.