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The Book Park

Socializing the reading experience in a park.


We envision offering a service to encourage avid and casual readers to mingle and have spontaneous conversations. The embodiment of this service is an area of a park dedicated to reading that includes interactive kiosks.

Readers may say “I don’t know what book to read, but I want to find one so I can talk to my friends about it.” Or, a casual reader (or even a non-reader) may notice “Look at all these people so engrossed in their books. I wonder what they’re reading?” Our service system facilitates a way to bring a casual or occasional reader closer to finding a book that they love.

The Book Park is dedicated and designed for comfortable reading with benches, tables and chairs arranged accordingly. Also positioned in this park are two interactive kiosks to encourage reading among park patrons in hopes to build a growing, enduring reading community. The kiosks will be developed in partnership with the local library, a local bookstore, and/or an educational government agency. These kiosks include touch screens that offer these options:

Patrons can post the title and author of the book they’re currently reading.

Patrons can post book recommendations, and can optionally include a photo of themselves and/or a video of themselves giving the recommendation.

Patrons can learn about books that are trending with other park patrons by exploring book titles, genres, heavy/light reading, and impact.
Additionally, patrons can video chat with a remote employee or volunteer of Book Trends. They can select from people currently online, such as a student, book critic, someone with a common genre interest, or a picky reader (this is NY after all!)

Patrons can learn about reading activities hosted by the partner organizations, and can rate the activities, share them with friends, or receive an email reminder about them.

A daily highlight of the kiosk will be to promote the books that are currently trending in The Book Park.