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Trash 2 Treasure

Give your stuff a second life


Check out the video:

Our service is about helping people with recycling stuff they don't want or no longer use and is cluttering their homes. We provide pick up service whereby we pick up bulk stuff like furniture, mattresses as well as electronics. We also invite customers to drop off smaller items in our Trash 2 Treasure container. These could be plastic bags, plastic utensils and plates, batteries and other stuff that is harder if at all, recyclable.

We collect everything, sort it and disseminate to the various entities including; E-Waste (disposal of electronics, small appliances etc...), large manufacturers who deal with the disposal of big and heavy stuff such as furniture etc... and local artists and crafts people. The latter use certain stuff as raw materials for their arts and crafts.

Through our website, customer have the opportunity of not only booking a pickup service but also by means of a tracking system, follow the life of the stuff they dropped into our Trash 2 Treasure container. Finally, costumers can buy the pretty things created by the artists/craftsmen with the same stuff they threw away!



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