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Reducing Cardboard Waste


Our goal is to reduce cardboard box waste with 3 approaches
1. Boxy Creations: Demonstrate additional uses for cardboard boxes
2. Boxy Finder: Promote the continual reuse of boxes
3. Boxy Alternatives: Provide alternatives to using a cardboard box

We are focusing mainly on the second approach where our prototype help people tag locations for cardboard box sources as well as locate these sources to pick up cardboard boxes. We also have additional landing pages for the other two.

Prototype can be seen here:


SDN jam team 8: References

Video interview of Material ConneXion, library and consulting service for materials innovation, by The Economist
mushrooms that grow around agricultural waste, can be grown into specific forms, and used to replace packaging foam

BoxCycle, a for-profit service supporting cardboard box recycling!y...

JuggleBox, a service that rents durable moving boxes. Boxes are hard plastic made of environmentally friendly materials

Moss roll at

thingiverse, A online community for Makerbot 3-D printer owners to get ideas and download templates of what they can print.

Team members: