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Playground Exchange

Enabling the worldwide exchange of ideas for playing outdoors


Kids like to play outdoors, but get stuck to their Nintendo's and other tempting electronics. Parents don't like it and kids themselves would'nt mind to play outdoors with their friends more too, if only they were inspired more. Playing hide and seek for the 100th time can become boring, and then they're easily lured back indoors for a quick fix of electronic entertainment.

With Playground Exchange we enable children worldwide to find NEW inspiration again.
Playing is something kids do across the globe, every culture or country has their own funny and silly games, so why not spread them? We use the input from other cultures for new play-inspiration, and bring it to the kids via their local education system, aka their teachers at elementary school.
Playground Exchange facilitates the exchange of ideas for playing outdoors from all over the world. Match a game from another culture to the respective geography/topography lesson that is already a standard part of their curriculum, and this tool adds global fun as a side-product :)
The teacher gets online access to the localised description (where needed with included instructional video/illustrations/drawings/audio) of a foreign outdoor-game and tells about it in class. After that they can start to play it with his kids in the schoolyard. In return we ask to upload a local game from his kids in class, back onto the platform, which distributes it to elementary teachers worldwide.

We hope to fund this with the help of the gaming industry, who can do something in return for the health of their (future) clients, and they could also benefit from the provided creative input and possibly implement some ideas into their own games.


Fredrik, Rolf, Jingwen, Paul