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Tell me a story, I will tell you one.


The Cubos are cubes in the city that contain many services according to the population needs. They tell stories in the sense that they give you information from crowd sourced contributions or institutional ones but and at the same time receives stories in the sense that can record, photograph or sound record information such as reviews, local special hints and more.

Its narrative aspects make the Cubos versatile and efficient in shaping the local needs as well as the tourists ones according to the place in which the Cubos are and the areas in which they are. Even if misused or if the interaction isn't the best expected, it gives the user a sense of what is really happening in the area.

We think to install a sistem of cubes of two sizes. The Big one 4x4x4m is located in the principal hotspot of the city: it may change location according to different periods of time. The others 2x2x2m are located in different neighborhoods and combine themselves into a pathway through the city. Each cube is made of glowing colors, following those of the city coat-of-arms.

Finally we also thought of several stickers to guide the people to each Cubo.
Cubo is an info point for tourists: they can find maps, information about the city and unconventional or tacit information, local folklore. They find also a interactive screen where all the people can leave audio/video messages, restaurants reviews and places to visit. This screen can also show snapshots of the city important hotspots that can't be seen from outside - imagine the insides of churches or castles, museums, or buildings closed for restoration.
But Cubo is also a place for locals: you can show a presentation of your local business, you can offer jobs, paint one of its walls, give hints to tourists or to even locals, sing karaokes, organise kindergarten all around them.
The standard one [CUBO] is a 2x2x2m structure, well visible, painted with the city coat of arms colors, containing a computer, a microphone and a camera. One of its walls is blank and let locals or tourists to paint it or to let street artists to customise it. It's made of aluminum wire structure and policarbonated faces/walls. All the hardware is protected by hard transparent plexyglass and the camera's “eye” has a ring that signals not to touch, cover or manipulate in order to keep it clear.
The Big Cubo has similar structure as the standard one, with the exception it is void in the inside and contains a space used by the city information centres [pro Loco in Italy], but can be used also by citizens, no-profit associations, local DOC products: through the year they can book the space for promotional or public use. The time allowed for each use is limited.
Are you ready to tell something to your next city Cubo or to listen to one of its stories?