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Receiving is about giving


iDeal is an online platform which connects professionals together in order to exchange services. Anyone signed in the website can upload a package that contains the service he/she offers in exchange for a service he/she might need from another user. After having used a service each user leaves a positive or negative feedback, to the user who offered it.
The project originated from the need for professionals to obtain services without investing capital. We figure that, on during these days of global crisis, there is a strong need to open peoples' mind to a different concept of work, because the old "every man for himself" just doesn't work anymore.
Even though barter is as old as man, this is a new way of doing it, having a platform that helps you to find the exact service you need, sharing competences with other professionals and creating a community of people helping each other, to improve the working experience, thus creating a better world!


Music: Alex Beroza - Straight to the light.